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Time Vs. Money part II–The Case for Time

Yesterday we made a Case for Money. Will the jury please listen to the Case for Time, and choose wisely.

Nowadays my day starts out with helping my eldest make her bed, an important exercise in responsibility. After it is made we have breakfast, and we always eat together. Even our little baby knows the ‘hand motions’ to the prayer of thanksgiving.

We feed the cats, either jump on the trampoline or play inside if it is cold. Then we snuggle up for story time. At three years of age, Archangela is learning how to read from this rhythmic activity. Abigail goes down for her morning nap, and Archangela and I might do a craft or perhaps laundry.

Lunchtime is again a family affair (sans Daddy, when he is working) and my girls know they are to eat what is set before them. We make it a ‘tea party’ as often as possible.

After some playtime, we have story again before afternoon nap. I have my coffee and a little Bible reading, and some other project if I have time. After they wake up we play outside, before coming in to warm up with dress-up or a craft (Our latest favorite is making ultra-fancy flower pens! They are complete with feathers, lace, ribbons, and tulle!)

Our day continues in a mode of togetherness. Both children and mommy are worn out from playing hard all day, and we hug and kiss as we sing “Good Night” because there is time for it.

The case for Time? Really, the answer is clear.

I rest my case.

About westernwoman

"To find adventure where it exists, and create it where it does not." This applies to the love relationship with Jesus, stewardship of finances, family, and decluttering the home! Rejoice in the day-to-day. My purpose is to empower women in their daily joys and challenges. My message to women everywhere is, "Smell the flowers and drink your coffee." Cheers, Western Woman

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  1. Sounds like a great day! I think you are more disciplined than I!

  2. I don’t know about being more disciplined than you, however; We are in this together! We each have our forte 🙂 and I never fail to learn new things from other moms.

  3. laura you would make a great homeschool mom!


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