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You will need: Construction paper, markers, glue, stickers and/or leftover confetti from a birthday party, ribbon, glitter, and any odds and ends you decide would look posh on your Fancy-Nancy ornament. Please take any artistic liberty you may wish, whether it is to alter the shape, object (don’t like boots? make it a purse! or a… coffee mug?), or decoration in any way. It is yours!

  1. Draw your boot design. Mine stands about 3 inches tall. Cut it out, and use the prototype to trace onto the construction paper as many boots as you will want. (I suggest making extra, just in case of an oops, or if you need a little gift for someone. Children are great for showering one and only of many relatives with special homemade presents, and then randomly needing mom to supply a gift for someone they haven’t seen in months! Or maybe it’s just me and my daughter?)
  2. This is an addition to step one, per the advice of my sister’s comment below! If you need a pattern, go to hit print, change page scaling from ‘fit to selected area’ to ‘multiple pages per sheet’ and number of pages per sheet to 9. Print this, cut it out, and use to trace the rest. (Unless you can figure out how to print this multiple times on the same page of cardstock paper, then do tell! This would eliminate the tracing and drawing the design on the boot, which saves a lot of time when you have many ornaments to make.) Of course there are many images available for your boot, choose whichever one suits you best.
  3. Use markers to draw a Western design on your boot. I opted for a simple paisley-type design.
  4. Use 2 matching sturdy stickers back-to-back to secure the ‘spur.’
  5. Use glitter, stickers, and your choice of pretties to glamorize your ornament.
  6. Glue a loop of ribbon onto the back, securing this on the back with a small circle of construction paper.
  7. The end result should be appealing to the whole family. Display with pride and share with joy!

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  1. I love it but is there any way we could get a pattern? Some of us aren’t as creative as others of us!


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