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Your 2012 Fashion Must-Have’s

Your 2012 Fashion Must-Have’s

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in a beautiful LBD

Every so often I bemoan the clutter in my life, and New Year’s Resolution time unquestionably tops the chart. Handsome new trinkets courtesy of the season make me wonder, “Where am I going to put all this!?” Can you relate?

If you are anything like me, then your wardrobe space is at a premium. Use this list to beat the muddle! As for those “number 11” items (as in, items not on the must-have list but you still want to keep it) if they comfortably fit in the confines of your wardrobe, they are safe. If they don’t fit, never fear; simply trade out the old for the new. Let your mantra be, “Donate, donate, donate.”

Here we go, your 2012 Top 10 Fashion Must-Have’s:

  1. LBD (This is, of course, the classic little black dress; it should be worthy of being worn to any magnificent occasion, be it a hot date, a formal occasion, and of course dress-up. One LBD shouldsuffice, however I usually keep at least three.)
  2. Black skirt, one you like enough to wear to professional settings, church, and out on the town.
  3. Jeans (You really only need 2-3 pairs of well-fitting jeans. Any more is wasted closet space. Seriously. Jeans are jeans.)
  4. Go-to jacket; In my career days this was a fitted black blazer. In my home-making days, this is a denim jacket capable of providing a neat and clean finish to virtually any outfit. Yours could be an elegant soft leather or sporty zippered style, whatever suits your personality.
  5. 2-3 sweaters, in colors that match most of your wardrobe. Save the neon orange for something little, not half a shelf of knitwear 😉
  6. Boots: These should be appropriate for nearly all occasions. For me, this could be a pair of chic black cowboy boots to wear to church, around the farm, and throughout the entire year. I’m not going to list any other shoes, because most of us already have enough for a couple seasons of Project Runway!
  7. Neutral layering pieces (e.g. White button-down blouse, leggings, black and white close-fitting t-shirts for each season, etc.)
  8. Trademark accessories: You don’t need to own a whole store, but rather choose a few items you love (such as a cowboy hat, thigh-high boots, fascinators, or a Coach purse)Beware of your inventory, as these items can be somewhat bulky, not to mention expensive!I like my collection of scarves (my latest and greatest find is a cute little book called “Scarfenomena” from the antique store! Who knew scarves could be so versatile? I am therefore increasing my supply of silk scarves to enjoy year-round.)
  9. A swimsuit you feel comfortable and happy in. Remember to pack it every time you travel, just in case.
  10. A wild card, your own little pride and joy, that little something-something for which you saved $$ month after month… My 2012 splurge is not actually a clothing item, but its close enough! Buying a Silk’n SensEpil hair removal system, hopefully this year, is another great resolution of mine! I already own practically everything else on my clothing list; in theory this little money-saving venture should be comparatively easy!

There you have it, your 2012 Top 10 Fashion Must-Haves. Please add your own wisdom and insight for us to read and enjoy! Finally, please accept my warm wishes for an uncluttered closet and a Happy New Year!


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