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Bone Soup

Recently while my sis was teaching on nutrition, she mentioned “bone soup.” I wasn’t sure I’d heard right. In my world, I always throw away the bones before they have a chance to ‘contaminate’ my cookware. Apparently bone soup broth is incredibly good for digestive issues, as well as colds and other ailments!

Well, what a revelation. Me, the queen of waste-not-want-not, has in fact thrown away over the years many garbage cans full of nutrition. And I am excited to learn I am actually richer than I used to be, since from now on every time I buy meat I know I can use the bones, too! It tastes delicious and has a wealth of healing properties.

Now, as I pray over my little girl who is valiantly fighting an congestion in her chest, I intend for her to enjoy lots of broth.

To prepare: simmer in a large stockpot bones, garlic, salt, and other herbs of your choice all day. The following day, refill in the pot what you consumed the previous day with more water, garlic, and seasoning. The bones are “used up” when your newest batch of broth begins to taste bland.

For more nutritional information, you can follow my sister’s blog

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