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Playing Salon

Playing Salon

I am not an advocate of little girls competing in major beauty pageants, and having their experience on a reality TV show. What I do stand for is girlie-girls celebrating their inner beauty. On way we do so is through quality mommy/daughter time at the Princess Beauty Salon.

You simply must make an appointment, and fast, as sessions fill up very quickly at the Princess Beauty Salon. In fact, if you have a daughter, you had better skip some of the household chores and pull out your salon chair for some serious glittering, braiding, curling, and nail-painting.

Your daughter is extremely busy and will be grown up by the time you finish all your chores. So, don’t do them all. Take your chances. Spend time with your little girl. (Spoken by an over-acheiver, who hates leaving unfinished business! You know my pet peeves: Dishes in the sink, toys on the floor, tax papers to be organized, etc.)

As a disclaimer on reality TV child pageantry: Not to say I’m completely against it, as I believe there is a time and place for everything. I’m sure there are many girls who make the most of such an experience and are better for it! I am pleased with some of the more wholesome examples of child beauty pageants. However I believe most pageants are risky for little girls, so there will be no watching of those shows for our daughters.

Maybe when my girls are older they will wish to compete in a system such as Miss America, and I would support such endeavors whole-heartedly. But right now they are little, and belong to me, and they belong with me. I intend to make the most of motherhood. I want my girls to feel they had a shining childhood full of glittery experiences with the ones that love them the most.

Now, I have to go. Preparations must be made for our next Princess Beauty Salon session.

Cheerio, Darling!

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