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Health: Baby Steps

Health: Baby Steps

Healthy choices: Are those words overwhelming? I understand. How can a person instantly change 100% of their health-related habits, and that of their family members, too?! I’m here to encourage us all to ‘chin up’ and make a change, one step at a time.

The last two months have been challenging for my family, health-wise.We have had make changes in order to see results. Three days ago my daughters and I finally walked around the block once, then came back inside when my eldest began to cough. Yesterday, we walked around the block twice. Today, we braved the cold and walked to the grocery store. What happened? We adjusted our diet, and we got fresh air and exercise according to what we could bare. It took time. And it worked.

Reclaiming my body as a healthy place has not been overnight. It is an ongoing process. I could not have handled it at once. But baby steps do work (Thank you, What About Bob!) Now, I am accustomed to less sugar, and prefer healthy fats any day.

Here are some changes I made.

  1. Making my own food. All of it. Making my own lunches. Eating at home. Packing picnics. This alone did wonders for my health, family time, and finances.
  2. After this became natural, avoiding prepared foods. This includes instant foods, breakfast cereal and most canned foods. The way food is prepared is so critical. For example, instead of shelf-stable cereal, I now enjoy foods like eggs, fruit, and slow cooked grains for breakfast.
  3. The next step for me has been to eliminate “bad sugars” and replace it with better choices like stevia or raw honey. Delicious!
  4. My next goal is finding a local exercise program that is fun and conducive to my lifestyle. If I don’t find anything, speed walking with the girls in the jogging stroller or Pilate’s at home works too.

I hope I have encouraged you. It takes time to heal your body. It takes time to re-train your mind on how to live. So give yourself some love and space, and focus on your next baby step. You can do it!

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"To find adventure where it exists, and create it where it does not." This applies to the love relationship with Jesus, stewardship of finances, family, and decluttering the home! Rejoice in the day-to-day. My purpose is to empower women in their daily joys and challenges. My message to women everywhere is, "Smell the flowers and drink your coffee." Cheers, Western Woman

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