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Budget: Water, Anyone?

Budget: Water, Anyone?

Trim your budget—again. How? Drink more water! Yes, I do enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, but my true addiction has always been water. And why shouldn’t it be, when 2/3 of the body is constantly replenishing itself with fresh H2O?

Below are listed ten items of inspiration for me, and hopefully a few others, to drink more water, or at least half one’s body weight in ounces.

The water challenge:

  1. Drink a glass of water about 30 minutes before consuming anything (breakfast, coffee, lunch, snacks, etc.) to curb appetite and improve digestion. (Drink more water; as a result of feeling more full, spend less money on food and other beverages; and with improved health, spend less money on health items such as stomach aids, doctors visits, etc.)
  2. Choose the cheaper, healthier option. Drink water instead of pop and other unhealthy, expensive drinks
  3. If you must, dress it up with fresh lemon juice or flavored stevia . I enjoy fresh squeezed lemon and grapefruit juice in my water.
  4. Use your skincare/makeup routine as the perfect reminder to hydrate your body’s largest organ with a delicious glass of water.  This is also great for clearing up pores. (you may be able to discontinue an expensive skincare product by drinking more water and improving diet!  In my case, my skin improved by increasing water, raw vegetables, and healthy fats such as butter.)
  5. Drink water before, during, and after workouts to flush out toxins and improve circulation. Also if there is sickness going around. Get some good exercise in and flush out whatever is going around before it hits you.
  6. Drink water at work (If there are rules about this, kick it. Get a doctor’s note if you have to. Your health and job productivity are at stake. When I was pregnant, my doctor recommended it to my then-workplace without blinking an eye.)
  7. Keep a glass of water by your bedside. I have done this for years, and have a sip anytime I wake up, especially if it is for a nighttime nurse.
  8. Drink extra water when having dehydrating consumables like wine, coffee, sugar, and salt.
  9. Drink good water—At the very least drink filtered water. Ideally a filter should remove all harmful contaminants such as chlorine, lead, fluoride, etc.
  10. When raising your glass in a toast (a thoroughly uncelebrated practice in modern society) take a nice long drink of water and wish “Salud” to all your friends and family.

*Salud: Spanish for ‘health.’ What a better way to celebrate life than to wish yourself and everyone else good health as you sip on antioxidant rich wine; or as discussed in today’s challenge, a refreshing, cleansing, delicious drink of water.

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"To find adventure where it exists, and create it where it does not." This applies to the love relationship with Jesus, stewardship of finances, family, and decluttering the home! Rejoice in the day-to-day. My purpose is to empower women in their daily joys and challenges. My message to women everywhere is, "Smell the flowers and drink your coffee." Cheers, Western Woman

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  1. you have just convinced me to get up and get a glass of water… 🙂


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