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lovelo, my latest and greatest beauty find

lovelo, my latest and greatest beauty find

Cleanse and tighten pores through a simple 30-minute honey mask? Or deep-moisturize the face the same way, except with mayonnaise? I’m always a fan of solutions from the kitchen. Sign me up!

Thanks to the salesman who both sold us a car and directed me to his daughter’s blog, I enjoyed a good read on various topics from a beauty expert/product review perspective.

Follow this link to her blog on Red Carpet Glow, and enjoy!

As a disclaimer: I believe in such decadent rituals as a daily small glass of red wine (Thank you, Spain! Delicious, antioxidant, calming, and an aid to digestion.) Every skin type, beauty style, and nutritional needs/opinions will be slightly different. A grain of salt is encouraged in all reading, nonetheless I found this post nicely refreshing.

I’m off to pamper myself with a facial mask of Freedom Farms honey 🙂


Earth Connection

Earth Connection

Balance. What comes to mind? Yoga? Healthy habits? Peaceful sleep following happy, high energy days? It means all the above to me. With the season comes the remembrance of getting connected to the earth, tilling soil, taking my girls to ride horses and chase chickens, and generally just breathe the clean, fresh air. What better way to balance and rejuvenate the body!

My daughters love rolling in the dirt. My youngest is obsessed with eating sand (so gross! But she is too sneaky for me. Of course I always find it in her diapers. Ha.) I recently read an article that suggested balancing the body’s electrical charges by creating an “outlet” to the ground so that excess charges can escape. (Please forgive me if I butchered that explanation!) The point is, I totally get that contact with the earth has long proved to be a portal to health.

Therefore, I made the grandiose decision to visit The Boot Shack in St. Cloud, MN in search of leather-soled footwear. I opine that rubber soles rob us of earth connection when worn constantly. Of course they are great for protecting us excess water and from lightning storms. But it neither rains nor lightnings constantly last I checked.

Joy! I fell in love with a pair of leather-sole, lizard skin black Rios of Mercedes beauties. $600, however I feel that walking on air while experiencing the earth through leather soles is a huge bonus, so the purchase can be justified! Well, there is another thing to save my money for. (See below the link for Rios boots, the best of the best in Western footwear.)

<b><a href=”” _mce_href=””>Rios of Mercedes Boots – Handmade Boots</a></b><br />

While I ponder $600, I cannot wait to begin my garden. My girls will work alongside me in the coming warm months, wiggling bare toes in the soil in between splashes in the kiddie pool. Backyard yoga, zumba, and “worship-wiggle” parties are definitely going to be a theme this year. The fresh air and dirt are already making me feel like a new woman, and I am ready to conquer the world with all the strength of my balanced mind, body, and spirit.

Red Carpet Skin? Naturally!

I got to thinking the news is a bit Snooki’d out. Enough with the spray tan, we all know that natural is the new bronzed. Think Amanda Seyfried, Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansen, and the list goes on.

Who’s that white girl in the picture? Why… It’s me! (Couple years ago at a pageant. What fun!) I was seriously one of the whitest girls on stage. I look forward to doing that again sometime, standing up for the  “Natural” Modern Woman. Tan can be a hard to let go of mentally. I am so Scandinavian and will still be white at the end of the summer! Instead I embrace a 1940’s elegance featuring my lilly-white skin, trademark hats and fascinators, and movie-star red lips.

Spring is almost here, and I’m excited to get outside and enjoy some vitamin D. Pool time can’t get here soon enough Garden plans are dancing through my head, and I can almost feel the warm breeze kissing my skin as I kneel in the dirt with my barefoot daughters. I can hardly wait!

(Disclaimer: I tan sometimes to avoid burning in the sun. The warm lights feel good, too! All in moderation, of course.)

Please, be encouraged to enjoy the outdoors year round, cherish your natural color, and know that you are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of your Creator; and that, dearest Princess of fair or dark skin, is the greatest compliment you will ever recieve.