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4 Simple Ingredients

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I think you probably guessed that these 4 celebrated personal care ingredients can all be found in your kitchen. Why is it such a secret? (My little conspiracy theory, bear with me…) the Health & Beauty industry has trouble making money off of these, since the products can be made cheaply and easily in anyone’s home! Of course, I know you are far above the average consumer, which is why I am entrusting to you these ancient “secrets” that work like a charm.

I posted on facebook that these secret recipes would be awarded to those who guessed the foundational ingredients. Sorry… I lied! The recipes are free for everyone, so I hope you can forgive me :)

1. Baking Soda– Not just for baking, cleaning, and removing odors from your carpet: This miracle powder can be mixed with a little drop of olive oil for nice little toothpaste which doubles as deodorant. See Also, mixed with water to form a simple paste, baking soda can be used to clean hair instead of shampoo. (I clean my hair with baking soda, beware the transition is a little tough as your scalp goes into “withdrawal” mode from all the chemicals in your shampoo. This transition usually lasts 1-4 weeks, so just be patient.)

2. Vinegar– Not just for salads, warding off mosquitoes, and cleaning surfaces: Mix equal parts water and vinegar (white or ACV*) in a spray bottle. This elixir can be sprayed onto wet hair and gently combed through (light mist on the roots, focus on the ends) as a natural replacement for conditioner. The evaporation process removes the smell, leaving you with luscious, hydrated locks. When finished showering, spray this same solution around your shower and quickly wipe down for an easy, breezy clean.

3. Sugar– Have you jumped on the stevia bandwagon? I have! But my 10 lb bag of sugar is being put to good use as an natural exfoliant. I mix with a little olive oil to gently scrub from my face all the way to my toes. A quick rinse to remove the sugar allows me to shave without fear of knicks and cuts. This simple concoction replaces my need for shower gel, exfoliating gel, shaving cream, and moisturizer. See Take care around sensitive areas such as around your eyes, which should not be scrubbed–ever.

4. Olive Oil– The Bible mentions olive oil as a hair product and lotion as well as for nutrition. Olive oil is amazing. In addition to the cleansing and moisturizing purposes I mentioned, I also apply olive oil liberally around my eyes before bedtime, using my ring fingers (for the gentlest touch), discouraging wrinkles and dry skin. This replaces eye cream. If I have used enough oil the night before, in the morning I can usually just splash with warm water and pat dry for makeup, without further need for cleansing or moisturizing.

For my very creative readers, of which there are many… 🙂 I know you will love expanding this simple routine with a few additional products if you so choose, such as; essential oils in your vinegar solution, sugar scrub, and toothpaste/deodorant. Also, I like to add stevia to my toothpaste, making it more acceptable for my family to use (Some people use xylitol). Skincare may benefit from a weekly or bi-weekly raw honey mask to control excess oil and impurities. Hair care can be enhanced by a weekly egg mask for protein, etc. and a mayonnaise mask for extra moisture.

Please post your ideas, we love trying new health and beauty recipes! Most of my recipes here have been adapted from suggestions by my readers and other traditional health & beauty sources.

* ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar. Known for it’s nutritional and digestive properties, also rumored to ward off mosquitoes when consumed daily. My mother (smart woman!) taught me to drink 1 tablespoon ACV with a tall glass of water daily and limit sugar intake during mosquito season. (Make sure it is “From the Mother” or else it won’t work…Same idea as not cooking the nutrients out of your fresh salad veggies. I use Bragg in my home.)