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and we thought fast food was expensive…

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I know what you’re all thinking; eating right is so expensive! Organic produce, superfoods like chia and cod liver oil, raw grassfed dairy, etc. Who can afford to pay for all that and still maintain a generous, debt-free lifestyle? Here is what I have found out regarding the cost of nutrition:

1. We can’t afford to not eat right. I recently saw a quote from an Urban Organics group, “If you think organic food is expensive, have you priced cancer lately?” Cancer is real. It happens to a lot of people. As for me and my house, we will not do anything to encourage it to attack us in any way. We have to be very proactive.

Serious illnesses aside, general health and energy is reason enough to pay the price for good nutrition. Yes, you can do it! As my sister said at a nutrition seminar last year, “[the cost is not too great an obstacle for you to overcome.]” Thank you! Catch more from Elisa at

2. I spend less money on food than I did a year ago. This is partly due to avoiding higher cost pre-made foods (which usually have added ingredients that I don’t want!)

My lowered food expenses are also because of a decreased appetite.

Our bodies gets more nutrition out of higher quality food, and may be satisfied sooner. I have heard it said over and over from people switching over to healthier food choices that they are not as hungry as they used to be. Touche!

I remember countless times I used to stop in the middle of my day to grab an impulse treat like a blended coffee or chocolate. My lower energy levels were completely dependent on these deceptively expensive little items that had me hooked.

MSG and refined sugar are extremely addictive. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine! This means that even if we have had enough and maybe don’t even like the food, our bodies keeps craving more–that is, unless we break the addiction. Having come a long way on the low sugar and zero MSG plan, I find myself not eating compulsively in the way I used to. Fewer cravings = lower grocery bill!

I am definitely more financially fit now than I was a year ago, and I credit part of that to food choices.

My next post will talk about one of my saving grace foods that is easy to prepare, cheap, nutritious, and delicious.

What could it possibly be!?

Cheers to that! (As I raise my glass of homemade dandelion wine! Umm, no, the food I’m referring to is not wine. Sorry.)

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  1. Kristine L Kilber

    Love this article:)

  2. thanks Kristi! I always like your feedback 😛


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