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Greens are expensive, and mostly devoid of nutrients this time of year. Good news is you can solve the problem cheaply and easily by sprouting seeds at home!

Sprouting is my “perfect 10” of 10 Ways to Save.

Usually one pays around $4 for a container of broccoli sprouts. I paid $31.75 for my 5 lb bag of seeds from Azure Standard. Using just a tablespoon of seeds to produce a quart jar of sprouts, this is a really good deal! There are many, many tablespoons of seeds in a 5 lb bag! You can shop around for the organic seeds that you like, such as organic chia, alfalfa, watercress, or whatever else your body is craving.

Sprouts are a wonderful addition (or replacement) to salads, sandwiches, or as a garnish. I like to add mayo or sour cream to mellow the flavor of the sprouts if I let them get too green.

This is the perfect time to prep your sprouts for that Thanksgiving salad. I just did! (I will share my recipe for the salad another day if you want it! Yummy!) It will take 3-5 days to sprout, depending on how often they are watered. Once complete, the sprouts can be moved to the fridge, where they can last several days.

Sprouts are delicious! We love them.




1. Measure (or freepour!) your seeds into the glass jar. Secure a piece of screen to cover the sprouting jar. You can use a rubber band or a mason jar metal “ring.” 1-2 T/quart, and (I am guessing) 3/4 C for a gallon jar.



2. Cover seeds with filtered water.



Random: It is such a pretty jar.

3. Let sprouts absorb soak for one night, then drain.

4. Tip jar at an angle (over a bowl) to let seeds breathe and drain water. Store in a dark cupboard. In this picture you also see my kombucha on its 2nd ferment, water kefir, whey, and filmjolk, all enjoying the dark cabinet with each other. You can see this is a large gallon jar, instead of my usual quart jar. I am preparing extra sprouts for a large Thanksgiving salad!

5. Rinse seeds with filtered water 2-4 times per day. Pour excess water through the screen into the sink, and return to the same position on the bowl.

6. When sprouts have reached desired size (or filled up the jar) continue the same rinsing/draining process near a window. This allows the sprouts to green. One day should be sufficient. You will find (as I have!) that overly green sprouts have a bitter taste and need extra dressing of some kind to tone it down.

7. Use right away, or move to the fridge and start your next batch.

There she is! My baby girl loves her sprouts with butter and soaked pinto beans. Yum!

I think we should eat these every day!




Start your sprouts now and have a wonderful salad to feed the masses next Thursday.


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