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How We Are Saving Even More in 2014


The economy is going down. We may as well face it, pay off like crazy, save, and build stores of supplies for hard times. All this takes money, and most of us are not getting a raise this year. We have to cut our spending. Here is just one source, of many…

I am not a financial expert, but I do know that a woman must be an expert manager of her home.
Here is what we are doing.

  1. Drive less; the more I grow in my calling of being a wife and mom, the more I enjoy being home. We only venture out a couple times a week.
  2. Shop once; this saves a lot of time and money. Our monthly Costco trip is fun, and a relief when it is over!
  3. Buy short-dated; this one is such a blessing! The Village in Brooklyn Park offers short-dated food at an amazing value. This is especially a blessing for us, because if we do not consume it in time, our animals are a lot less picky than we are. (What? soggy lettuce!? Give it here! To the cute furry one!)
  4. Do I have to say we don’t really go to restaurants? The rare exception is for Michael’s work, or if we are meeting friends (and they can’t come to our house.)
  5. If it isn’t underwear or socks, we probably don’t need it. Gone are the days of splurging on new jeans and shoes on a whim. Our old ones fit just fine. And for the kids? Spread the word–people love giving their hand-me-downs to the local cheapskates. Yes, I said it. We are officially cheapskates. Some of those babies still have the tags on them! Bags and bags of free clothes. Talk about a blessing!
  6. Be smart with energy; We have a large house, and will be expanding our options to include woodburning, solar, and possibly wind energy in the next two years. We will also make use of all the paper that used to be a nuisance by making fire logs.
  7. Be healthy: Enough said, right? Have energy, make the right choices, and don’t get worn down (like I keep having to remind myself!)  Here is how I start out my day:
  8. Give gifts that help others save money; Let’s be brutally honest. Does your friend want a figurine? Does your co-worker need a scarf? Will your spouse appreciate a gift card as a token of your undying love? Gifts can be meaningful, frugal, and useful! My sister Ruthie recently gave me a dress from the thrift store and some cash. Oh, yeah, baby. Most people would have bought a new dress as a gift, and skipped the cash. She’s got it. I like to give baskets of food (fruit, homemade wine, cheese, and coffee are perfect.) For a new baby? Diapers, of course.
  9. Activities should be free, or almost. Between camping, fishing, exercising at home, biking, attending events like Home Depot’s kids craft, and visiting with friends, family, and neighbors, we should have very few evenings where we are forced to watch a free movie on the internet.
  10. Raise your own; we have rabbits, layer hens, ducks, and hope to have a good garden in this year. Rabbits are well suited to many living situations, and have been known to do well even in apartments. They are a frugal source of meat, fur, and high quality manure for the garden. I also sprout seeds for salads all year.


Thanks to my sis Elisa for her constant supply of good ideas! If you have money-saving tips, I want to hear them. Thank you! God bless you and your financial goals.

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"To find adventure where it exists, and create it where it does not." This applies to the love relationship with Jesus, stewardship of finances, family, and decluttering the home! Rejoice in the day-to-day. My purpose is to empower women in their daily joys and challenges. My message to women everywhere is, "Smell the flowers and drink your coffee." Cheers, Western Woman

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