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An Ode to “Mis Papis”

mom & dadMy Mom taught me to save money by hanging laundry to dry on a clothesline, keeping healthy to avoid doctor visits, using food instead of throwing it out, tending a garden and poultry, and mending hand-me-down clothes.

I say, why wait until a person is gone before eulogizing them? (May I insert here, that my parents are spring chickens and have a great many years left in them!) Appreciate them now! Craig Hill said it right in his series “Ancient Paths.”

I raise my hands and call my Mom blessed. She is a perfect mother to me and my 5 siblings. She is quirky, creative, extremely generous, and smart–probably a genius.  She taught me so many things; for example, following my intuition and artistic longing. Thanks to her, I have confidently jumped into endeavors like performing and teaching violin, creating artwork to sell and share, and most recently, becoming a Zumba instructor. My passion for creation of beauty brings me closer to her, to my little family, to friends, and to the Lord.

I am so thankful for her! I am blessed.

And my Dad. He makes me want to love Jesus. Today he did the usual: Travelled out of his way and spent time and money taking care of a project which I could not bare to do. That is where you will discover him most days of the week, helping people, and by his love pointing them to Christ. He makes people everywhere want to love Jesus.

My father led me to Christ when I was 9 years old. I am truly blessed.

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Do you have someone who deserves an ode of appreciation? In my case it is easy–my parents are fantastic! But if your parent (or spouse, or sibling, or good friend) needs a little creativity in their ode from you, just remember; we love God because He first loved us. Let us do the same for others. Let’s find something positive to say, and bless the people around us.

Be blessed,

Western Woman