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Glass Bottle Sippy Cup by LifeFactory

Posted on review the Lifefactory 9-Ounce Glass Bottle… let me say I couldn’t believe my luck when I searched and discovered that my craving for a safe glass option was actually out there.

What could be better than a glass bottle (Oh, yes! Avoid plastic bottles for yourself and  little ones!) with a silicone sleeve to protect it against breakage?

My customer review is: Please, give me a bottle/sippy cup with a non-plugging gasket!

I originally ordered what I thought was a 2-pack of bottle/sippy cups. When the sippy caps arrived, I realized that one was my fault. But really, “sippy caps” and “sippy cups” could be confused by anybody, right? When I finally ordered the right item, $16.99 apiece on Amazon, I couldn’t wait to try out a product that would be healthier for my child.

I enforced the “water-only” rule for the bottle. At 2 years old, I think that is plenty old enough for my youngest to enjoy filmjolk, milk, and other hard-to-clean fluids strictly from a glass. I am so done with cleaning gunky build-up out of sippy cups.

After a few weeks of usage, my toddler learned to say, “Mom, my sippy cup is not working. Can you fix it?” So I would loosen the top, let in some air, and hand it back to her. In order to completely avoid this issue, one has to leave the cap loose enough to risk leaking out the side.  The bottle would typically stop working and need to be re-capped two or three times per 9 oz. serving.

In conclusion, I am happier using this bottle than the plastic counterparts. For the cost, however, I expected a smoother ride.


It Won’t Wash Out–Please Help!

What is that? Actually it looks better in the picture than real life. That is me after trying to wash the splotchy faded pink-purple-orange-blonde mess. At this point I had done: 3 hours of mayonnaise mask, 8 hours of vitamin C + shampoo, 3 hours of warm olive oil, 2 hours of lemon juice, and 15 washes of equal parts alcohol + shampoo. (The last one was recommended by Splat customer service. They told me once or twice should do it.)

I am now up to 25 washes of alcohol + shampoo, and another 6 hours of vitamin C mask; but the my hair looks almost exactly the same, so don’t worry about more pictures. Unless you have the cure. Then I will proudly post a picture of my splotch-free hair and dedicate my next blog post to you. Until then, I give up. My hair will just have to grow out. I will pull out my hats.

My last color started out beautifully vibrant purple.  It looked great for a couple weeks! Splat Lusty Lavender Semi Permanent Hair Dye





Underneath the purple was shocking pink, which was also fun. (Stop smirking, girl… you have no idea.) Splat Pink Fetish Semi Permanent Hair Dye




Archangela, age 4, also got in on the pink hair.




I think this is my natural color. (A picture from 2009!) I am really curious to see that color again.






Don’t buy Splat if you plan to return to a normal-looking color at some point.

This has been a product review from a frustrated DIYer.


Western Woman