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Today is the day! Ink! We celebrate at a delightfully quaint coffee shop in Ogilvie, MN. Below is one last look at us as the artists prepare our designs. Bucket lists should be done early in life, so that things can be crossed off and new lists can be created.





Kelli at Prizm Tattoo in Mora, MN is a family friend. She did a great job!






Jeremiah 29:14 “I will be found by you, declares the Lord.” A woman lifting her arms, throwing back her head in joy. I hope this will inspire conversation that will lead people to the Lord.





Michael looks very handsome and husbandly with his wedding ring inked right onto his finger. As an oil field worker, he cannot wear any jewelry on site. This loving tattoo shows his devotion to our marriage. The wedding ring depicts a crown of thorns woven like a cord of three strands, which cannot easily be broken. What a good man! You can’t buy that kind of dedication.





State of the art coffee roaster at GroundHouse Coffee. Delicious coffee, good company, and charming atmosphere to celebrate our tattoo date.





I like it! This mini bar-with-a-view could be easily created at home. You just need a sturdy ledge at a window, 2 bar stools, and someone to share it with.





Assigned parking: “Tea Lovers Park Here; Coffee Lovers Park there.” etc.

A truly beautiful day in cold Minnesota with my sweetheart, coffee, and my long-awaited tattoo.


Western Woman