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Hello, my name is Laura. The purpose of my blog is to encourage and inspire women in their everyday lives.

My inspiration for writing is to encourage women to apply extraordinarity to everyday living. For example, I would like to help motivate women to do things like: wear a dress at least once per week; skip the latest animated movie and play with the kids in the snow (it’s a great workout for grown-ups!); Learn a new skill—such as cutting your own hair (I cut everyone’s hair in my family, and my sister colors it with henna); and get stuff done, such as fixing the kitchen cabinets or using the shop-vac on the car… in short, take that ‘honey-do-list’ and do it yourself!  Be extraordinary!

Most of my childhood was spent in Spain. I have been married over five years to an exceptionally handsome, intelligent, multi-talented “roughneck” (That’s Western for oil-rig worker). Recently transplanted from the rolling hills of Montana, I am now close to family, adjusting to the busier Minnesota way of life. I love and miss Big Sky Country, but I know we are here in Minnesota for a reason. My husband commutes to his work in the Eastern Montana/North Dakota area, and I am blessed to have the company of my mother-in-law. We just moved in with her, a transition which eases life for me, especially while my husband is out for his two weeks on the rigs. While I work on getting used to the change, it is a true joy being with my family once more.

I am a hard-working homemaker who believes that every moment is an opportunity for adventure and greatness. Proverbs 31 is my daily motivator. I enjoy homemaking and teaching such skills to my daughters, writing, playing Princess Beauty Salon with my girls, and learning various art forms such as Latin dance. My mother-in-law Lori and I are fantastic coffee buddies; we also like to have tea parties for the girls. My husband is a ‘roughneck’ but when he is home he constantly works on exciting new projects–deer hunting, building a pole barn, rebuilding the transmission of a car, off-roading in the Jeep, you name it. My motto is, “To find adventure where it exists, and create it where it does not.” Another way of saying the same thing might be, “Smell the roses and drink your coffee.”


Western Woman

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  1. This Woman constantly inspires me!


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