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DIY-DIY Dry Cleaning

DIY-DIY Dry Cleaning

# 6 of 10 Ways I Save Money is doing my own dry cleaning.

First of all, who has time to drive to the dry cleaners to drop off AND to pick up?

Aside from saving time, I just discovered this option after deciding I didn’t want to pay for the service, and be exposed to chemicals like perchloroethylene. (FYI that is a dangerous chemical!)

Here is what I came up with to clean suits and more after a little research. (Modified to “suit” my needs. I crack myself up!)

  1. Check the garment for spots. Most can be lifted with a damp washcloth, others will need something to cut grease. You know what to do. Just take care not to scrub too hard and ruin the shape (shoulder contours, etc.) which is typically the main reason for “dry” clean.
  2. Throw the garment into a damp pillow case with a few drops of essential oils. Close the case (tight knot or zipper shut). Dry on low/no heat for 20 minutes.
  3. Hang immediately. Steam or press if needed.
  4. Check buttons for mending.

This seriously sums up what your clothes go through at the dry cleaners. I choose essential oils instead of whatever perfume is used (Allergies, anyone!?).

With this success I decided to also preserve my wedding dress (yes, it was still hanging up after almost six years. I’m sorry. Finally got my round tuit.) After cleaning the dress I wrapped it in acid-free tissue paper, tucked it in a plastic box with a couple lavendar sachets (to keep bugs away), and labeled the box clearly. A few hundred dollars still in my pocket, and I am OK with that. Really, I am. (If preserving your wedding dress be sure to check if yours needs special care. All fabrics are different.)

Anyone still up for paying for dry cleaning?

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